Bendigo Four Wheel Drive Club

Where 4wding, camping and adventure meet
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How much does it cost to join?
There is a once off joining fee of $50 per application and the annual membership fee is currently $110 for a couple or family (parents/guardians and all dependent chilldren) and $90 for an individual.


What activities do you hold?
The main activity of the Club is four wheel drive trips involving day, weekend, long weekend or long distance trips of several weeks duration. Most trips are within Victoria, however all States have been visited at one time or another.  Many other types of events are held and include monthly General Meetings, social outings, in-the-field and technical demonstrations, navigation exercises, training and environmental contribution such as track clearing.


What type of vehicle do I need?
The club is open to all types of 4WD vehicles although prospective members with All Wheel Drive vehicles should note there will be some trips that AWD vehicles are not suitable for based on the limitations of the vehicle.


I don’t have any or very limited 4wd experience. Can I still join?
Yes, absolutely! As part of your joining fee, you will be eligible to participate in an accredited driver training course to teach you the basics of your vehicle and 4wd techniques. Our trainers have years of experience and will help beginners feel comfortable in their vehicle so you feel comfortable to tackle various obstacles out in the field.


Do you go on interstate trips or is it just local trips?
We hold local, state and interstate trips across the course of the year that are listed in our calendar. We have regular annual trips including Beachport over the March long weekend and the snow trip to the Victorian High Country. Members often hold longer trips to Cape York, the Western Australian outback and Flinders Ranges just to name a few of the recent trips.


I’m not a member, can I still go on a trip?
Yes, although you will need to contact the Trip Leader prior to the trip and fill out a Temporary Member and Personal Details form prior to the day and pay the visitor insurance fee.


What recovery equipment do I need?
A good recovery kit should include a rated snatch strap, shackles, gloves, dampener and tree protector. The club has a recovery kit that is available to new members to borrow if they do not own a kit. It is also recommended that you purchase a good quality air compressor or you can borrow one from the club.


Do I need a fully modified vehicle to join the club?
No, you don’t need a highly modified vehicle to join the club although a good set of all terrain tyres and some recovery gear is recommended. Many of our members’ vehicles have various modifications, however this is a personal preference and not compulsory.