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The Bendigo Four Wheel Drive Club regularly runs Driver Proficiency courses throughout the year.  Courses are run by experienced driver trainers who are accredited instructors with Four Wheel Drive Victoria and held locally around the Bendigo and Castlemaine areas.

New members are required to complete a driver proficiency course which comprises of an evening theory session and practical experience the following day.  It is highly recommended that members understand the basics of four wheel driving to fully participate in club trips.  It is strongly recommended that Partners also participate in the Training.

The theory evening lasts approximately three hours and describes Four Wheel Drive Victoria's Code of Ethics. The training also covers;

  • recovery equipment
  • safety equipment
  • preparation of vehicles and special driving techniques for all types of 4wd vehicles
  • differences between a 2WD and a 4WD vehicle
  • how a 4WD works
  • selectable and full time 4WD
  • driving in different environments and conditions.

The practical session is a full day covering approach and departure angles, stall stop uphill and downhill, side slopes, and wheel articulation. Demonstration of the preparation needed for a river crossing as well as the difference tyre pressure makes will be covered.

Training is available to all members of the Bendigo Four Wheel Driving Club and covered within the joining fee.

Other training courses

Over the years, the club has provided a range of training opportunities to club members including courses in;

  • winching
  • chainsaw
  • recovery techniques
  • intermediate driver training
  • map reading

Some of these courses are subsidised by the club as part of your membership fees.